Finding Neverland

In my twenties I traveled the world dancing, living out of a suitcase and flittering about from job to job, country to country.  No roots tied to any one place, just the adventures in front of me.  My favorite thing to do was to use my dance jobs as a spring board to more exploration.  A show in Singapore turned into a 10 day backpacking journey in Thailand with blue sunsets and the most warm, loving people.  A teaching job in Germany led me to the Black Forest and the Berlin Wall as it was falling.  And the misty, magical morning at Stonehenge, thanks to my time in London filming a movie, will forever be embedded in my mind and heart.  I’ve had so many quiet and beautiful moments scattered along our world.  I never questioned, I just leapt and let the moment take me.

And now, I have a family and two young daughters, a daily rhythm that is predictable and lovely in so many ways.  My dance and choreography work has kept me close and I’ve found a comfort and security in the deep roots that have grown.  But a new adventure has come my way and even though it’s a little daunting relocating my family for the summer and leaving the safety net of our beautiful bubble, I feel ready for the change and want to give my kids a new landscape to explore.  Sunsets with a different hue, as the light is new from place to place.  I do know that.       

I am going to be a part of the creative team for the musical Finding Neverland.  With rehearsals in New York City and a run at the prestigious American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge and plans for Broadway soon after, I am excited to be a part of this moving and inspiring story about love, possibilities, and the rich, fruitful world of our imagination.       

And so the adventure begins . . .