How We Connect

I haven’t written in a personal way in a very long time. My time in London on Mary Poppins Returns has been focused, mind/body/soul, on doing an incredible job on this film and savouring every moment of the creative process. It has been truly exhilarating, fulfilling and expansive, and a beautiful journey with the cast and crew. And lucky for us, we still have 3 months to go! I know I will feel proud of this film and I am very grateful for the adventure making it. 

Today I have a day off and while reading on-line, I came upon upon Lisa Niemi’s blog. Lisa is a dancer, writer and the widow of dancer/actor Patrick Swayze. I began reading and was very moved and captivated by her stories. She shares mostly about her struggles and grief since losing her husband, and she does it in such a real, heartbreaking and brutally honest way. Reading about her pain and hope, challenges and victories, reminded me how affirming and inspiring it can be to tell your truthful stories, the good and the bad. It made me think about why I started my own blog 3 years ago; my intention to share my own stories of transformation and to connect to others in a heartfelt and meaningful way. 

I’ve been away from it for awhile but I have decided to go back to my writing. It’s amazing how one story, one moment, one person can inspire and ignite another. Thank you to Lisa Niemi for being that for me. I wanted to share her blog here, and I intend to read her book, Worth Fighting For.            

May we all live authentically and be brave enough to show our vulnerability and share our stories, for it becomes a beacon, a comfort and a light to others who are finding their way in the darkness.

Love to you all, and I welcome any dialogue along the way so feel free to comment and share. 

In gratitude,

Tara xo