3 Steps to Manifesting your Dreams

When we throw our dreams into space, we don't know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country...Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams we never even knew we had. In our dreams, possibilities begin and our inner callings are given voice. In the quiet whispers, in the stirrings of the heart, the unconscious flows into connection and action as we weave our most precious life.

My dreams have been coming true lately. Before my journey to London, I felt very stuck and frustrated that I couldn't "manifest" in the way I had in the past. I wondered why it was so darn hard to bring my ideas and dreams to reality. I created a vision board, wrote about what I wanted to experience in my life, meditated. I realize now that those prayers and desires were actually taking root, I just didn't see them. At the time, I didn't trust my own creative power and process. Sometimes it takes patience and letting go of the timeline and the picture of how it's all going to look to truly surrender to the higher plan and highest good. 

I am thankful for the struggle and thankful for the distraction of other "work" to allow me to soften my intense mindset and focus. I was pushing with the energy of frustration and fear, but have learned to cultivate the feeling of surrender just a bit more. From my experience, here are a few steps to help us get out of our own way!


Sometimes our dreams become clear to us as we start to listen to that inner voice inside. What are you drawn to? What wild hair keeps standing up? Without judgment, allow yourself to follow your desires and yearnings, like glittering clues along a path leading home. Let your inner wisdom lead the way as it whispers and comes to you in your sleep.

It doesn’t need to make sense. Creativity, intuition and guidance comes in surprising ways and what seems like a silly proposition, can actually lead to greater insight and revelation.  

When we follow our bliss, we are honoring a deeper destiny at work. 


The clearer we are about what we want, the easier it is to manifest with the co-creative partnership of the universe. Your dream is more likely to come true if you first see it clearly in your mind. 

Write out what it is you’d like to experience and how you’d like to feel. Ask yourself, “how will this intention serve me and how will it serve everyone I come in contact with?” Infuse your writing with positive language and allow the joy and happiness of experiencing what you want permeate your being. Manifesting happens from the feeling!


What does it mean to truly surrender?  For me, it’s letting go of how things will unfold. I’ve learned that there is a greater path for my highest good that my smaller, ego-directed, fearful self can’t always see. I hold light-filled space for what I want (through meditation/writing/vision boarding), but I surrender to spirit on how it is going to come to me.

The outcome that we try so hard to force may not be as good for us as the one that comes naturally. Remind yourself that you are protected, guided and that your intentions will bloom when the season is right 🌟

The Art of Unplugging

Does anyone struggle with getting sucked into spending too much time on your computer or the habit of checking social media multiple times a day? I admit, I do. I'll begin with a search for something I am working on, and before I know it I'm a million miles away looking at something unrelated and two hours later, finding myself feeling a bit empty. The time spent on my computer and phone has taken me away from the trees, from the poetry, from the slow and rich rhythm of nature. The wind, the leaves in the wind, my own quiet thoughts.  

Lately, I have been feeling the repercussions of the time spent on technology. Much of my business is run from my laptop, and yes, work is necessary, important and fulfilling, but finding a balance is the key. Patience and presence are two things that I've noticed get thin when I am overstimulated from screen time. As an anecdote, I decided to take a 10 day vacation to Florida to visit family. In the past I've only taken a weekend here or there, for fear of losing work, but something has shifted in me. It’s now more important to me to find a better balance with work and down time, and to foster and nurture my relationships. I've been in the entertainment business long enough to know that the work wheel will keep turning and will most definitely be there when I return. 

The 10 days of unplugging this last month was so nurturing and rewarding for me.  It allowed me time to slow down, connect, listen, empty out, recharge. Walk the beach, talk with my parents, watch my children play, read a book, listen to the waves, sit with my thoughts, sleep deeply. It was wonderful.     

And now that I am back home and into the routine of daily life, I have decided to commit myself to solid chunks of offline time every day. I mean, who can take a 10 day vacation every month?  Not me! It takes effort to carve out that time daily, but I always feel nourished in a deeper way. I actually find that I am more productive and by letting go, more work gets done, creativity flows and I'm much happier! 

Here are three simple things you can do when you feel a need to unplug. You don't have to take a plane to a far off beach to feel more grounded and connected.  


Nature is a grounding force that transforms our energy.  I immediately shift when I am outside.  I like to take my shoes off and let the earth ground me. Gardening is a meditative act (for me), so I begin pruning, watering, digging, potting, feeling my hands in the soil. Find some activity that gets your feet and hands directly on the earth. Sit in the grass, sleep in the fields. Let the high vibration of the land align your own energy field. A daily reprieve from the to-do list adds to quality of life and productivity. 

  • DANCE  

Put on some music you love, close your eyes and dance.  Self-judgment and criticism aside, this is about releasing worry and stress, letting go, feeling good.  Let the beauty and passion of the music lead you as your heart rate increases and your body warms from the inside. You only need 15 minutes and I promise you, you will feel 100 times better than when you started! Dance is medicine for the soul. The best!

  • WRITE 

Whether it's free form writing/stream of consciousness or making a list of all that you are grateful for, the act of writing shifts emotional and physical energy. Research shows that writing about future goals and dreams and reflecting on the good things in your life can make you happier and healthier. It always calms, soothes and slows me down, and brings clarity too.    

May we all unplug at times and trust that all will be well. We have to give our intentions, dreams and creations time to root and blossom in the warm glow of the sun.

Wishing you all love,